Last week I attended two conferences on email, all very exciting stuff! It still amazes me that everyone is still focused on marketing emails and not transactional email marketing.

Seriously, come on people!

How many of you spend more than two hours writing and designing your monthly newsletter? A newsletter that will get an open rate of under 20%.

Now how long did you spend writing and designing your reset password email? You know the email, the one people get when they have forgotten their password and haven’t been to your site in a while. The one that gets an open rate close to 100%.

You might want to tell them something about your site, a new feature perhaps or a discount?

I ask you to think differently about your email in future. Spend time where it should be spent, on transactional email then your marketing emails.

Please use the comments below to tell me your most valued transactional email and what you’ve done to make it more powerful to your business.