Name: Alyxa Lease
Job: Recruiter —officially “Talent Manager”
Since: March 2012
Location: Brooklyn
Quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Bio: Alyxa hails from the great state of Colorado, some might say this keeps her “laid back” or “chill”, but ambition is the bug that bit her, hence her commitment to the grind here in NYC. Alyxa graduated from Syracuse University and fell into recruiting after realizing that you really can find a job where socializing is your primary responsibility. After working with numerous startups through internal and agency recruiting, Alyxa is now working hard to hire across all departments at Marigold Engage by Sailthru, and help Marigold Engage by Sailthru become top of mind in the NYC recruiting community.  An avid runner (despite a pesky stress fracture this summer that kept her in an annoying walking cast for nearly three months) Alyxa is constantly chasing her next challenge, whether it be a race or finding that rockstar engineer.

Here’s a little more from Alyxa in her own words:

Likes the Good Stuff: “I’m drawn towards humble people who aren’t afraid to let their guard down. I also weirdly like to be in uncomfortable settings, as I think when you’re pushed outside your comfort zone, only then can you truly recognize your true potential.”

Dislikes the Bad Stuff: “False modesty and mushrooms. They both have an intolerable stench.”

A little known fact about me is….my dream job is to be a motivational speaker….yes, you heard that right, watch out Tony Robbins.”

The best part of my job is… when I get to befriend my hires.

Not many people know that I’m really good at…making people happy when they’re in a bad mood…..oh, and that I can dance with one broken foot (ref: stress fracture).

The worst job experience I’ve ever had is…working the midnight shift at my college’s dining hall, specifically the taco bell counter….I’ll leave it up to your to decide if I made it through that night.

In 5 years I want to be…..really good at ping pong. Well, that, and continuing to hire the best of the best for Sailthru.

What are you looking forward to this Holiday season?
I’m going home to Colorado to visit my family for 2 weeks, so I’m excited about that.
I’m also spending New Years in Vail, Colorado. I’m looking forward to going  downhill skiing.
What initially drew you into working at Sailthru?
I used to work with Katie Bukstein – our Head of People – at an agency. I wanted to work in-house for a startup and this opportunity presented itself. The position at Sailthru was exactly what I wanted to be doing; namely, recruiting technology people at a small startup. I fell in love with the people here, so that was the clincher when interviewing.

You are part of the ongoing running club here at Sailthru; everyone loves to run. Do you have any plans to do any marathons in the future?
I did both the Miami and Brooklyn half marathons. When I start to get back into shape from my injury, I really want to run in the Miami marathon. Unfortunately, that really won’t be until 2014 because it’s in January and I won’t have much time to train for next year’s marathon.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Sailthru?
I think it’s the people that I work with and the people I hire. I really like seeing the thread of ambition in my friends & coworkers. I’m also lucky to work with a great exec team that provides us with a lot of insight about the company as well as solid leadership.

What’s your most crazy interview story?