Fashion and technology are an unlikely but perfect pairing. The fashion industry — once rooted in exclusivity and the mystique of couture — has made huge strides in adapting and adopting to today’s social and “behind-the-scenes” hungry consumers. From top fashion retailers to new emerging designers, many have mastered the art of social media marketing, amassing millions of fans and cultivating newfound customer loyalty and revenue. But the top fashion marketers today know that social media in a vacuum is simply not enough for succeeding in our omnichannel world, and that with the continual expansion of ecommerce, being a top fashion brand also means being a cutting edge technology brand.

Beyond the intersection of fashion and wearable tech, there is a gap in the adoption of sophisticated technology solutions by the industry. Instead of embracing personalization and algorithms, many brands have stuck to the traditional hand-picked curation model by merchandisers and editors to determine their online presence, even despite some of the world’s biggest fashion names — like Nordstrom, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren —  moving towards innovative web solutions.

When it comes to the fashion ecommerce realm, technology can help retailers do some amazing things:

  • Build and automate true 1:1 customer relationships

  • Fight cart abandonment, and prevent shopping abandonment altogether

  • Personalize every step of the customer journey (just like great in-store service) with interest-based algorithms

  • Highlight and recommend the best products for each unique customer to increase basket size with sophisticated recommendation engines

  • Analyze historical and real-time data about individuals and aggregate info to identify gaps and opportunities in future marketing

  • Achieve higher customer retention rates and overall higher customer lifetime value

  • Stay competitive and relevant within a saturated marketplace

Knowing all of this, why is it that some retailers aren’t jumping at the chance to adopt these technologies? From our perspective, it’s largely an educational issue, and that’s why we are going to be at FASHION DIGITAL NEW YORK on October 20 – 21 this year in New York City. Join our EVP of Client Success, Cassie Lancellotti-Young alongside Sailthru client BustedTees’ COO, Adam Schwartz for a crash course on how technology like Sailthru’s helps to increase customer retention and optimize customer acquisition. They’ll be talking together on stage Monday, October 20th at 9:45am at Digital Sandbox. Marigold Engage by Sailthru will also have a table where we’ll be answering questions and demoing our solution on Tuesday, October 21st at Pier Sixty.

We are passionate about providing solutions to fashion ecommerce marketers because we know that smarter, more streamlined marketing means more revenue and happier customers. Can’t wait to see you there!