Every ecommerce and retail brand today knows that if they want to retain their loyal customers and attract new ones, they must become smarter. The hard truth is that even the biggest brands in the world aren’t safe from the hyper-competitive state of the market. And to compound the issue, with big technology comes big responsibility, and even bigger need for results. With all that said: there is no reason for marketers to panic, because the resources they need to thrive have never been better, and eTail is the perfect example of an enriching way to attack today while preparing for the future.

At Sailthru we’re committed to going on this new marketing journey with you, and hope you will join us at this year’s eTail East in Philadelphia! Here’s where to find us:

The Marigold Engage by Sailthru Marketology cocktail event. Monday August 11th @ 7:30PM, Marriott Downtown. RSVP NOW!

All 3 days @ Booth #39 in the event hall. Meet and greet with senior Sailthru staff and EVP of Client Success, Alex Hesterberg.

We know that there is a tremendous amount of noise in the marketplace about omnichannel personalization, automation, and the single customer view. For an example of how our technology is finally delivering on those promises, check out this study by Forrester Consulting on the impact of Sailthru solutions.

Ready to get started on what’s next in marketing? Stop by our booth to find out how innovation truly does trump legacy.