Blood Sweat & CheersAt Marigold Engage by Sailthru, we are constantly reaching out to our clients to better understand not only how they use our products, but to get insight into their larger business goals and marketing challenges.  This way, we can continue to improve upon our offerings and support them at a more strategic level.

But, why keep all their interesting marketing tips and product tricks to ourselves?

Enter Blood, Sweat & Cheers,  the free daily email that finds the most fun & active stuff to do with friends, making it easy to step outta the office and play.  They’re the only company changing the way people play by bringing recess back to young
professionals every day. Their primary competition comes from the fact that people are busy and their inboxes are packed. That’s why BSC only delivers content if it’s relevant. So they exclusively cover ideas that are so awesome they punch you in the gut – like zombie runs, trampoline dodgeball venues and slip-n-slide races. And the writeups are so carefully crafted and funny that subscribers read them even when they don’t have time to go out after work. (Sounds fun? Sign up for their emails here:

Late last year, BSC approached Sailthru in need of an email provider that could deliver (pun intended) on a fundamental tenet of their value proposition: relevant content for their users.   As email is the core driver of their business, the team at BSC knew that being able to optimize and provide tailored messages for each of their users would be key to their success.

Here’s what they’ve done so far:

  • Implemented a personalized welcome experience for new users
  • Identified the most profitable sources of new user acquisition
  • Captured users’ interests over time to send more customized content to each person

And, here’s how we helped them do it:

  • Query Builder.  With this tool, BSC easily segments their lists by sign-up date and engagement levels (open and click rates), something they previously had to do manually using different data sources.
  • Source Sign Up Report.  With this tool, they identify  the channel through which users subscribed to their emails and use the information to make adjustments in their marketing investments.
  • Campaign Reporting.  On an email by email and list by list basis, BSC measured click, open rates, and overall engagement.

In less than six months, Blood, Sweat & Cheers has driven improvements in open and click rates, declines in user churn rate, and increased levels of activation among new users.  On the engagement and customer lifetime value front, it doesn’t get much better for the new company than having their articles Liked on Facebook at a rate 18 times that of other “big guys”; i.e., their competitors in the daily email space.

As always, if you’d like to know more about these features, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly to your account manager or