If your marketing team has been analyzing users by isolating and polarizing their behaviors by channel, Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s very own Neil Capel has some insight to share. Instead of treating users as separate sets of data (example: mobile-app users vs. in-store shoppers), marketers should be for integrating that cross-channel data to build a holistic view of the customer. Neil wrote in to MediaPost’s Marketing Daily Commentary to explain why this mentality of siloing is damaging to marketing efforts and inhibiting overall growth.

Check out his article, “Play The Long Game: Unify Your Users”, to learn how adopting a holistic user approach carves success for engaged, happy and ready-to-spend customers.

Neil_CapelConsumers are the same people whether they’re shopping online or via a mobile app, but they may have very different habits when on one device or the other. The intricacies of each individual’s consumer behavior is undeniable, and the knowledge one can glean from the “big picture” of each user is too. You need to aggregate users’ implicit and explicit preferences to know them better each and every time they interact with your brand and action your communications based on that holistic view — that’s today’s Smart Data.

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