The media & publishing industry has come a long way since the market crash in 2008 and 2009, which sent advertising budgets south and had media enterprises reeling. Today’s media industry is experiencing a renaissance. There’s a new breed of publisher that has proven to be up for solving the digital challenges that have plagued many conservative media enterprises. They are discovering ways to digitally adapt that completely change the game for their reads (and their profit margins). This renaissance is both top-down and bottom-up, with media giants transforming themselves and start-ups shaking up the traditional business model.

This year media giant Hearst boasted record-breaking advertising sales, and players like Conde Nast and Time Inc. have been making major strategic transformations. New guys on the block, like BuzzFeed and VICE, have raised enough venture capital to make a startup of any vertical jealous. With progress, however, also comes refinement, and we know there are still significant obstacles modern media and publishers face–especially with technology.

Meeting the Media & Publishing Challenges

Sailthru Lift is here to empower our clients–in both media and ecommerce–to rise to the occasion and transform their industry with new strategies and innovative technology. That’s why at the event next week on Oct. 28th and 29th, we’re going to be answering and discussing the following challenges for media:

  • What’s the most important data to capture about my audience?

  • How can I action that data to contribute to audience development efforts promote brand loyalty?

  • What changes in my organization do I need to lead in order to fully utilize marketing technology, algorithms and data science?

  • What are the short- and long-term strategies for increasing pageviews and depth of sessions?

  • Can algorithms and editors co-exist?

  • How do I better monetize consumer engagement onsite and in email for advertising?

  • What are our channels with highest engagement, and what does that reveal about my audience?

  • How can I optimize email acquisition in the user experience?

  • How can technology help our editorial team do their job more effectively, and provide a better user experience?

We’re so excited for the event to kick-off, and continue to transform and enrich the once-again flourishing world of publishing. To learn more about Sailthru Lift, please visit the website.

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