The sea change for mobile is here. Throughout the last several years everyone was talking about the importance of mobile, but the conversion rates — or perhaps lack of attribution — tricked some marketers into undervaluing the channel.

Today, it’s a much different landscape when it comes to mobile revenue. For the ‘17 holiday shopping season, mobile commerce is predicted to grow by 57.8% compared to last holiday season. This one stat is emblematic of the shift alone, but when you dig a bit deeper, the data paints an obvious portrait: Mobile commerce isn’t going anywhere, and it will only continue to grow.

As you address your mobile marketing strategy for the years ahead, consider the following 9 stats to help inform your strategy. See any recent mobile marketing stats we should have included? Tweet us @sailthru!

1. iOS is known to drive 2.5x more in-app purchases than Android, but with the iPhone X, brands are reaping the benefits of early adopters’ deep pockets. (Android Authority)

2. Emojis matter! We have found that emoji’s can drive an average of 1.5X higher direct open rates specifically messages with multiple emojis tend to perform better than those without. (Sailthru)

3. Quality onboarding messages can generate massive engagement, as high as 33% direct open rates. Creating a strategy that makes your users feel special can be the key to gaining their trust. (Sailthru)

4. Tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates on ecommerce websites at 8.58%. While messaging strategies generally target iphones and android devices, they rarely talk about tablets. Don’t forget about this massively important audience! (Smartinsights)

5. While mobile shoppers make up only 17% of all consumers, they account for 21% of all ecommerce sales — and mobile’s share of total ecommerce sales continues to grow. (Facebook)

6. Personalizing push notifications can increase open rates up to 800%. (Mobile Marketer)

7. Nearly 90% of in-app purchases will occur from those who are push enabled. Creating an onboarding flow and engaging push pre-prompters are great strategies to boost opt-in rates. (Sailthru)

8. 89% of marketers reported a positive change in revenue following personalization on websites and apps. (Think with Google)

9. Loyalty is everything, and mobile apps are the perfect place to incorporate loyalty programs. Loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones. And consumers have an appetite for the programs; 77% of shoppers are members of a retail loyalty program. (