Regularly writing about brands with great personalized experiences, we’ll admit that we have a few examples we keep revisiting. We don’t mean to, but humans are creatures of habit. And some of them are just that good, like JustFab’s style quiz.

From the first visit to the website through the point of purchase, consumers provide retailers with a wealth of information to fuel personalization. With new shoppers, JustFab cuts right to the chase by simply asking them about themselves.

When someone visits JustFab’s website for the first time, there are a lot of questions. But knowing a customer’s sizes, style preferences and even celebrity inspirations gives JustFab a starting point for personalized product recommendations. They only get more relevant based on the behaviors and interests gleaned from web and email activity.

JustFab - Style quiz

JustFab Continually Improves Engagement with Personalization

With regard to email, JustFab continually improves engagement by personalizing send time based on when customers typically open them. Email content is also dynamic. Different sections appear at the top of the message, depending on what is most likely to appeal to each shopper.

JustFab’s email marketing is also particularly strong with regard to triggers. Not only has the brand mastered reactive behavioral triggers, such as abandoned cart and winback messages. JustFab also has an equally great handle on more proactive triggers. If a customer has money sitting in her account, she receives a reminder.

Improving personalization has been a priority for TechStyle — the parent company of JustFab, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics — and it shows. They performed strongly in the email and web sections of our first Retail Personalization Index and this time around, JustFab achieved perfect scores for both. They also nailed the “other” section, checking off all the odds and ends such as relevant retargeting, social customer service and a strong loyalty program.

JustFab - Email personalization

The brand’s solid performance is especially impressive when you consider the fact that they don’t have a mobile app. Without features like rich in-app messaging or personalized push notifications, we had no choice but to score them a zero in mobile and they still made it into the top 10. If JustFab launches an app in the next year, we’re calling it. They’re our pick for the brand with the best chance of taking the top spot from Sephora.