There’s a fine line between digital transformation and business disruption for marketing organizations. New technologies enable better personalization, segmentation, analyses. But they also create unrealistic expectations from customers. Take artificial intelligence, for example, which has been a game-changer for subscription retailer JustFab.

Personalization is a hallmark of the JustFab shopping experience, particularly with regard to email marketing. Everything is customized to individual customers, from the products and categories highlighted to the subject lines and send times.

In Beyond the Hype: How Marketers Can Capitalize on AI, a new whitepaper from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sponsored by Marigold Engage by Sailthru, we explore how AI makes this possible.

With AI, brands can tie their various communications touchpoints together. From there, they can automate customer engagements with machine learning, a branch of AI that applies statistical analyses and algorithms to large volumes of data. For JustFab, those engagements include purchase, browse and affinity data.

“Through our email marketing platform, we use AI to create one-to-one versions of our email messages for millions of members without creating large amounts of work for our creative team,” explains Erin Vitero, manager of customer relationship management at JustFab. “As AI technology continues to evolve, there will be even more opportunities to use it to automate tasks that will allow us to operate more efficiently and better serve our customers through our messaging streams, onsite and in advertising.”

The real value of AI for enterprises is its ability to tackle mundane automated tasks, freeing human marketers to focus on bigger-picture strategic and creative thinking. Combining algorithmic personalization with the human touch has certainly worked for JustFab. Highlighting customers’ preferred product categories in email hero images resulted in an 11% lift in revenue per thousand emails for the retailer.

Download Beyond the Hype: How Marketers Can Capitalize on AI to learn more about JustFab’s success with AI, as well as a five-step plan for you to address similar transformational challenges within your own organization.