While most of us working in digital are hyper-focused on conversions and optimizations of our own brands, it’s easy to let it slip from of our minds how much different the state of human culture and global business is with the emerging Internet of Things. At Internet Week New York, the digital pioneers from all industries come together to do just this: talk about how the web has changed the way we do business, where we’re headed and what’s coming next.

Marigold Engage by Sailthru, a proud sponsor of Internet Week New York this year, and especially proud to introduce attendees to our VP of Analytics & Optimization (and all-around marketing data genius) Cassie Lancellotti-Young in her classroom presentation, “Playing the Marketing Long Game: Retention’s Revenge”.

Please join us on May 19th at 11:00AM at the Metropolitan Pavilion Classroom to explore with Cassie the frameworks that delineate between short-term optimization and long-term business value. As a wickedly smart next-gen marketer, you will leave this session armed with an understanding of the marketing metrics that TRULY matter for your business today, as well as making optimization decisions that will impact your bottom line years down the road. A few topics Cassie will cover are:

1) Managing actual customer unit economics…not the perceived cost-per-customer

2) Defining and measuring the value of consumer engagement

3) Why longitudinal studies and testing are table stakes to take your brand to the next level

Want to meet us to learn how we are changing the face of media and retail businesses? We will have multiple Sailthru staff on the ground soaking up knowledge and ready to talk omnichannel transformation, so please tweet us @sailthru #iwny during the show to connect and set up a meeting!

Find out more about Cassie’s thoughts on “getting on the B.U.S.”, quick tips for reducing attrition and converting browsers into buyers here on the Sailthru blog!

(Image source courtesy of Unbeige)