It’s no secret that predicting what a consumer will do next is a marketing goldmine. Now that predictive intelligence is here, the market for predictive analytics software is one of the hottest in the biz, with projections that it will total more than $6 billion by 2019.

So, what does that mean for brands? It means that early adopters of predictive marketing practices are going to yield significant gains — and stay a leg up on the competition.

Recently, our Chief Data Scientist & EVP of Engineering, Jeremy Stanley, spoke at The Machine Learning Conference, about how Marigold Engage by Sailthru, helping today’s leading marketers master predictive marketing with Sightlines. If you don’t already know, the MLconf discusses the application of algorithms, tools and platforms that help solve problems. Basically, it’s a ton of smart people talking about amazing technological solutions.

In his presentation, Jeremy talked about how publishers and ecommerce brands can use predictive marketing to transform revenue generation and lifetime value for their audiences. Listen the whole presentation by clicking play below…we predict that you’ll like it.