RevZilla’s email marketing has traditionally been centered on campaign sends. However, though behavior-based triggered messages only accounted for 20% of the motorcycle retailer’s email volume, they produced 84% more revenue per thousand emails sent (RPM).

To go beyond batch-and-blast, RevZilla leaned into Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer. Designed with fully integrated artificial intelligence, Lifecycle Optimizer enables retailers to automate triggered messages. Each is personalized with customer data from our platform’s rich user profiles. These profiles helped RevZilla determine whether it needed to create specific lifecycle journeys to nurture their customers and at what point.

Common triggered messages include welcome, abandonment and post-purchase series. RevZilla does all of those — there are more than 12 iterations of the welcome series alone — and then some. The team also created custom touchpoints that revolve around rider’s interests.

Fueling 1:1 Personalization with Interest-Based Triggered Messages

It starts with particular items RevZilla wants to promote. When riders click them, the retailer uses native Sailthru logic to flag shoppers with a custom field, which note their interest. RevZilla then sends those riders 1:1 personalized messaging.

For example, RevZilla used this strategy during a “Your Size Helmet” campaign early last year. The campaign had 100 different versions, split based on the brand’s 10 different helmet sizes. In the past, this would have required a ton of manual effort. But Lifecycle Optimizer’s automation allows RevZilla’s team to focus more on building out strategies and reach riders on a much larger scale.

“Partnering with Marigold Engage by Sailthru allowed us to work smarter,” says Andrew Lim, Senior Manager of Email & Personalization at RevZilla. “Together, we as a team have been able to find opportunities to increase program sophistication while also tailoring our strategy to ultimately impact our bottom line.”

Compared with the previous manual campaign sends, interest-based triggered messages have generated 100% more revenue. The total volume of purchases is also 30% higher, just from this one type of trigger. Since shifting its focus away from batch-and-blast, RevZilla’s RPM for triggered messages has grown seven times compared to campaigns. Learn more here.

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