Summer is upon us and so is the conference season! Integrated Marketing Week 2013 is in full swing in NYC to bring you over 60 panels from successful marketers across the globe.

IMW concept1_web header - June 2013

A recurring theme throughout Integrated Marketing Week has been how to use Big Data to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns and make your content more relevant for your target audience.

From dreaming up a “love story” campaign for Audi A3 to making sure you are smart about your email delivery rates, data can be compiled and used creatively everywhere. The focus of increasing the relevancy of your content to boost your customer lifetime value (or CLV) with personalized automation is the way data driven marketing is headed, and a hot topic at IMW.

There is still time left to attend IMW 2013 today and tomorrow, we encourage you to stop by and learn more about how to amp up and modernize your marketing across all channels.