When it comes to digital marketing channels, none is more reliable than email. It produces more ROI for retailers — an estimated 4300%, according to the Data & Marketing Association — than any other. Consumers also prefer receiving promotional content via email. So why wouldn’t retailers prioritize increasing revenue from email?

They do. Surveying 200 retailers, Marigold Engage by Sailthru found that 66% consider increasing revenue from email to their highest-priority metric.

But while email is tried-and-true, it’s certainly not immune from how rapidly our industry is changing. Artificial intelligence is helping email evolve, enabling marketers to move beyond batch-and-blast, and send more personalized, relevant communications than ever before.

At the same time, email isn’t a standalone channel. Conversions happen elsewhere, whether on- or offline. Email is a catalyst to get consumers there, which is why email must exist within a holistically designed customer experience. That’s the only way for email to fulfill its potential. Understanding that is also key for retailers who are serious about increasing revenue from email.

There are countless strategies email marketers can deploy to achieve that goal. However, the sheer number, and variety, can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we created this guide to Increasing Revenue from Email, highlighting those that consistently deliver the best results in every category from apparel and fashion to lifestyle and speciality retail.

We focus on personalization and segmentation, welcoming new and winning back disengaged customers, post-purchase and abandonment messaging, cross-selling and upselling.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve also included examples of retailers who are doing each one particularly well. See what makes Sephora the undefeated champion of our Retail Personalization Index, Burton’s simple-yet-effective re-engagement tactic, and why eBay does cart abandonment so well.

We’ve also included a section on the most necessary metrics to help you make sure you’re able to effectively measure your quest to increase revenue from email. There’s even a checklist to keep you on track.

Interested in reading more? Of course you are. Click here to download Increasing Revenue from Email: The Definitive Strategy Guide for Fashion, Apparel, and Speciality Retail Brands.