In the competitive, low-margin world of online retail, repeat purchases from loyal customers lead to long-term growth and increased market share. Amazon’s continually rising stock price (currently close to $1,700) shows that Wall Street has heard this message loud and clear. Despite years of razor-thin profits, investors continue to believe that Amazon’s more than 100 million Prime members and their frequent, repeat purchases, give the company a lock on growth.

Amazon is no isolated case. The ups and downs of retail stocks often track the success of their loyalty programs, i.e. the programs that reward repeat purchases. Nordstrom’s stock price, for example, has been on an upward swing since the company added 1.7 million new reward program members, along with their emails, and forecast increased sales. As the fortunes of these retail giants make clear, the best new sale comes from an old customer.

Nordstrom loyalty

Strategies for Getting More From the Customers You Have

At Marigold Engage by Sailthru, we’ve worked with hundreds of retailers to focus on increasing repeat purchase rates of retained customers. In our experience, 95% of a company’s future sales come from just 5% of its existing customers. So it’s certainly well worth the effort.

Our experience has also shown us what strategies work to raise repeat purchase rates. These strategies, which are collected in our best practice guide Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates, include:

  • Personalization based on behavior and interest
  • Post-purchase messaging
  • Reward and VIP programs
  • Winback messages
  • Cart abandonment strategies

For each strategy, we’ve provided details on proactive, high-impact initiatives that have been shown to increase repeat purchase rates. We’ve also highlighted the successful strategies of brands like Seamless, Sephora and JustFab.

Download your guide to increasing repeat purchase rates and learn how to grow sales, increase market share and make your business sustainable.

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How JustFab increases puchase rate rates