Repeat purchases are the lifeblood of any high-performing retailer, so it’s no surprise that efforts to increase repeat purchases are of vital interest to marketers at the largest and fastest-growing brands. In a recent Sailthru study, we found that more than 60% of retail marketers say increasing repeat purchases is a top priority for 2016. An organization that can depend upon loyal customers for revenue is in a much stronger position to grow sustainably in the long-term than one that must continually focus on short-term conversion.

To help digital retailers bolster repeat purchase rates, we recently published a strategy guide for Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates that includes high-impact tactics and initiatives that have been proven to produce results. We’ve distilled the insights from the guide into an easy-to-digest infographic below! Check it out and download the full guide here. 

Sailthru_RepeatPurchases_infographic-01 (2) (1)