When was the last time you looked at your site and evaluated when and what you were sending?

Do you send an authentication email AND a welcome email or are they one and the same?

Do you send an email to a new user that hasn’t signed in again for a month?

Does your reset password email just contain a single link? Your touchpoints with your users are the best chance to tell them about your twitter account, or a new promotion. Just because it’s a reset password email doesn’t mean it can’t have extra information. Just make sure the purpose of the email is the main call to action. (And I hope you have a reset password email, not a “here’s your password” email – ALL passwords should be encrypted on ALL sites – lots of people still use the same passwords for all accounts and if you are not encrypting then you are a security flaw for the unfortunate).

I suggest you do a periodic review of your emails, make sure they contain good content, timely content, are easy to read, and engage your users. Think about it from your users point of view, would you like to receive these emails? Finally look at your bounce rates from your emails, you want to aim to keep your bounce rate as low as possible, a high bounce rate from traffic generated by email means something is not right.