How to Elevate Your Abandoned Cart Campaigns with Customer-Centricity

Nothing is harder for online retailers to swallow than fully loaded abandoned shopping carts. Unfortunately, they are a fact of the business: According to research from Baymard Institute, this happens on average almost 70% of the time.

For a situation that arises so frequently, strategies to convert a full cart into a completed transaction abound. Pushing customers to finish their business isn’t the only way, however, to get value from an abandoned cart.

In addition to unpurchased products, customers leave behind a lot of valuable information, such as timing of their shopping and product preferences, that can be used to refocus communications from “buy now” exhortations to personalized messages that connect and engage.

Rent the Runway uses this strategy to re-engage customers that have left a full shopping basket behind. Their messages play on the company’s relationship to customers, staying true to its brand message. The net result is a message that reinforces the brand promise through tone and design and the customer’s individuality through personalization. So if that abandoned cart belongs to someone who wants to be your customer, chances are good you’ll win them over.

Shifting Cart Abandonment Strategies to Customer-Centric Messages

Our guide to Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates offers a set of tactics for shifting your cart abandonment strategy from a product focus to customer-centric messaging. These tactics, provided in more detail in the guide, are described briefly below:

  • Foundational Cart Abandonment Tactics
    • Add options such as “email my cart” or “save for later” to your shopping cart
    • Use push notifications and in-app messages to remind mobile buyers that their cart is still full and waiting
    • Create a stream of cart abandonment messages that include other types of messages and points of engagement, and initiate them as a series instead of sending a basic reminder of the product abandoned
  • Sophisticated Cart Abandonment Tactics
    • Personalize cart abandonment messages to individuals versus general customer messages with new products that the customer may like

In addition to these tactics for getting customers to re-engage with their shopping cart, our guide includes other strategies and tactics for growing sales and revenue through repeat purchases like post-purchase messaging, loyalty programs, and more. Download it today.