In today’s competitive landscape, brands have to be able to differentiate themselves and communicate directly with their customers on an individual level. That means personalization: it’s all about giving the customer what they want. Brands are tackling this today – on a huge scale – through Smart Data.

Think about it, according to a Radicati report, the average email user receives around 115 messages a day, or 805 a week! With that many messages, your email has to be personalized in order to stand out. Thanks to today’s technology, you can (and should) be sending personalized content for each and every individual, and you can send that message at the right time.

Nailing the time and frequency is critical. For instance, one user might prefer daily updates, while another prefers weekly. If you can understand the user’s preference and present the most relevant content at the time they want it and how often they want it, then you’re automatically ahead.

Discovering this ideal cadence can be the key to engagement. A/B testing is one way to understand cadence sensitivity, but the important thing to remember when testing send frequencies is that if there are too many sends, the user might opt out altogether. With Sailthru’s algorithms we can mitigate that risk by leveraging various unique customer insights and machine learning methods.

We can also determine how likely a user is to disengage with our predictive disengagement model. Synthesizing multiple factors, which are all stored in the user profile, can help determine when and how often to send a message to each user. This ability to action massive amounts of data sets to personalize each message is the real power of Smart Data.

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