When shopping online, there are some key components that make the experience seamless. Ultimately, conversions make or break your business — so optimizing the checkout experience is one major key. Alternative payment options in particular are becoming increasingly important for online retailers. Providing payment options can recoup 30% of sales by customers that abandon carts.

Recently Aaron Magness, Chief Marketing Officer of Sailthru client Betabrand, was featured on Total Retail Talks, the go-to podcast channel for expanding retail knowledge to discuss how the their team is using alternative payment methods to help drive conversions.

According to Magness, Betabrand’s unique product offerings and crowdsourcing business model were why the brand became early adopters in alternative payment methods, accepting payments in the form of bitcoin and Affirm, which allows people to better plan for their purchases and spread payments over time. This flexibility allows the customer to buy on their terms, and gives the ability to purchase higher ticket items, which is critical for Betabrand. Aaron added:

“With us [Betabrand], you won’t really find a basic pair of jeans, there’s something interesting about the fabric, there’s something interesting about the construction, there’s something interesting about the use case. Same with all of our shirts, jackets, hoodies, things like that. With that there’s higher craftsmanship that goes into the products being made, and with that comes higher cost.”

Check out the full podcast here to find out more.

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