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While retail analytics firms RetailNext and ShopperTrack have reported decreases in Black Friday in-store spending, the chase for digital dollars during online commerce’s biggest weekend was headlined by the continual impact of the relationship between mobile use and purchase value. The so-called mobile conversion gap — whereby consumers increasingly engage via mobile devices while purchasing less frequently and at lower dollar values — presents a critical priority for retail brands year round, but especially so during the holiday season when there’s nearly a trillion dollars on the line.

Data from 2.7 million emails delivered on Black Friday from 12 mid-market retail companies indicates that:

– More than 56% of all emails were opened on smartphones; just over 32% were opened on desktop; and 11% on tablets

– Click and click-to-conversation rates are still highest on desktop, which delivered 16% average clickthrough rate and 6% click-to-conversion vs. 14% and 5% delivered via mobile devices

– Revenue per thousand emails opened (RPMO) came in highest via desktop at $767.05 vs. $499.41 via mobile

– Highest opt-out rates came from mobile, with .62% on average over .58% via desktop

The Impact on Order Value


Average Order Value stayed true to the trend, with consumers using desktop devices spending 5.33% more than those on mobile. Tablets continued to perform as usual, delivering the highest AOV — weighing in at $85.02 over $80.66 on desktop and $76.36 on mobile — however, far fewer consumers opened emails on tablet devices on Black Friday making this audience lower in volume but higher in quality when engaged.

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