We’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback about the new My.Sailthru interface which we rolled out this week. I asked our Product Manager, David Studinski, what he’s most excited about with the new My.Sailthru.com release and here are his four top picks:

The New Dashboard

Prioritize the information most important to you! The new dashboard is your dashboard. We’re always thinking of new ideas. Contact us with your ideas!

Data Feeds With My.Sailthru’s sleeker styles, it’s easier than ever to make a data feed part of your campaign. Spend just a little time getting to know our Zephyr template language, and you’ll save hours on future campaign builds.

Template Validator

It can be tricky to hunt down a pesky misplaced bit of code – that’s where our template validator can help! The feature, located in the Code tab of Template/Campaign editors, will search your template for errors with HTML, Links, Zephyr, images and more.

Hosted Pages Let Sailthru take care of your registration and opt-down process for you. No need to pull in developers – just create a form within our Hosted Pages editor and we’ll update your list, send welcome emails and even redirect users to a new page – all with just a few clicks. Check it out under the Content tab > Hosted Pages. Let us know how things are going with the new interface and make any suggestion you may have on how we can make it even better for you! Tweet us or drop us an email with your feedback and suggestions on the new My.Sailthru interface!