Laura Wise had a great tip on her blog this week about how you can use social media (Twitter) to increase deliverability. It inspired me to think of other ways you can use Twitter and Facebook to cross-promote your email marketing newsletter. You can also use Twitter, Facebook and your blog to seek feedback for each newsletter and find out what is working with subscribers and what isn’t. Check out how to promote a newsletter with social media:

1 – Tweet and post on Facebook each time your newsletter is sent out and link to the subscribe page.

2 – Tweet and post on Facebook, asking them to add you to their safe senders list (credit to Laura Wise for this one). Link to a post with step-by-step on how to add someone to the safe senders list.

3 – Tweet and post on Facebook a link to the online version of the latest newsletter and invite people to demo it.

4 – Tweet about the content in each newsletter: “Find out how you can save 20% in this week’s newsletter!”

5 – Build up some excitement by tweeting and posting on Facebook the day before the newsletter comes out with some teasers and subscribe link.

You’re only limited by your own imagination. Both Facebook and Twitter lend themselves very well to this kind of cross-promotion. It’s a two-way world now, so don’t be afraid to involve people in the process by interacting with them directly and get their input.