If you are using Sailthru as your email service provider, than you already know that products such as Horizon super charge personalization, relevancy and engagement, resulting in more love for your content, more click-throughs and more conversions. Even so, not all the content in your email marketing newsletters will get the love you think it deserves. That doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t worth the effort and you should give up on it. If you try some different presentations, you might be able to breathe new life into old content as long as it’s still relevant to the reader. Just think of those displays in retail. It’s amazing how effective placing a product on one of those end-caps or (as much as I hate it) the middle of the isle can be for sales. Not to mention what I call the “Hall of Tortured Parents.” You know, the shelves and shelves of candy and other junk displayed just at the right time so your kid can hound you while you wait at check out. So, here are five ideas that might help you get the love your email marketing content deserves:  

  • Create a section in the layout titled “Editor’s Picks” or “Have you Read?” and include a few posts with blurbs and links.


  • Feature some content from one category/subject in each newsletter. Rotate the category each month.


  • Depending on the frequency of your sends, you could do a monthly or quarterly “recommended reading” section repackaging past posts.


  • Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports suggests you consider featuring a “Did you Miss This?” section spotlighting and linking to your previous newsletter. Mark wisely councils you to be careful of “stale” or dated content when doing this.


  • Put a “Related Posts” link in your newsletter for each content piece.

  It’s not always rocket science  in email marketing. Sometimes, you just need a little creative thought and presentation to get your content loved.