Deliverability is the holy grail of email marketing. You can have the best newsletter on the planet, but if you don’t get to the inbox, your content is completely wasted. Most ESPs have people dedicated to helping their clients get their email marketing messages delivered while Sailthru also employs technology which sends your email marketing messages to the most engaged users first, thus helping your sender score, but it’s not all super technical.

Here are five simple things you can do to help improve your email marketing deliverability:

1 – Update your DNS records with your Cname, SPF, Sender ID and DKIM – click here for more info

2 – Ask people to add you to their safe sender list – post about how to do this on your blog and link to it in your newsletter

3 – Use a consistent from address and monitor it for replies or unsubscribe requests (some people will email you rather than click an unsub link)

4 – Keep your list clean

5 – Have your unsubscribe link at the top of your emails where it’s easy to find