Landing is a pretty specific procedure. I don’t think it matters what the transportation is, no one likes the arrival/landing to be complicated because it’s simply a transition from one state/place to another and not the destination. Everyone wants the landing process to be smooth and pleasant, but it is not the destination itself.

Consider that analogy when creating your landing pages.

Here are five good tips to think about when designing your landing pages for your email marketing campaigns:

1 – Remove distractions

Landing pages are very specialized and targeted. While branding and user experience consistency is important, don’t try to make your landing pages do everything your website’s general pages do. Keep them clean without unnecessary navigation or other distracting elements and hyper-targeted on getting the conversion.

2 – Get right to the point

Don’t babble! The person is on your landing page and that means they are interested. Give them the value proposition and ask for the sale. Keep your important information above the fold and be brief. Sure, include links to product information and so on, but don’t clutter up the main pitch with this content on a landing page.

3 – One landing page does NOT fit all

Never use generic landing pages for different campaigns. If you are going to do that, you might as well just send people to your home page. When someone clicks on a link in your email marketing newsletter, they don’t want to have to go looking for stuff. A cluttered landing page, trying to do it all will do nothing for conversions.

4 – Let people press your buttons

Don’t underestimate the power of button graphics when it comes to getting that click! A nice graphical button with the right CTA on it can make a big difference.

5 – Test every element

From photos to button style and colors to your CTA, every element on your landing page affects the conversion rate it delivers. Create a testing plan for these elements and optimize your pages.