If you already use Sailtru, then when it comes to relevancy and engagement, you already have the advantage due to our unique behavioral tracking technology. You know what your subscribers want and you know when and how they want it.

You’re ahead of the game and that’s great, but you still have to generate that content. Today, I wanted to share a few ideas to help you generate relevant and engaging content for your blog, email, Twitter and Facebook. You may already be using some or all of these tools, but just in case, here are four of my favorite content tools:

Use a an online National Days Calendar

There are lots of these calendars online and assuming they aren’t making stuff up, they can offer some real fun inspiration. You can use them to tie in special days and content both in your newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a very simple national days calendar. Think of all the fun you could have with “World Sauntering Day!”

Content Calendar

People often make the mistake of being too formal and rigid with these calendars. Let them be a guide for your content and not a taskmaster and you’ll find this to be an extremely powerful tool. Start by just jotting down relevant info in dates – begin with the big picture stuff such as major releases, updates, events and holidays then get more detailed. It should be a mix of what you want to promote and what else is going on which will help you do that.

There are a few choices out there such as Google docs or if you need one integrated with your blog, you might find this WordPress plugin does the trick.

Google Reader

Use Google Reader to keep you up to date on what may be of interest to your subscribers and you.

Aside from your brand, your subscribers care about stuff which relates to your products or services. Use Google Reader to filter content which might be a good tie-in with your brand. It’s also great for tracking a multitude of content sources online which are relevant to your company. It’s easy to set up and a breeze to use.

TweetDeck or HootSuite

Either one of these programs is great for filtering Twitter traffic. You can set up searches for key topics and follow influential people in your area of interest. More importantly, you can find out what customers and potential customers are talking about and relate your content with it.

What tools do you find helpful with generating relevant and engaging content in your email marketing?