The dust is starting to settle a bit, but marketers are still mulling over what the big changes announced last week by Facebook will mean for them. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for posts which might be helpful to share and these three are good picks to start with. If you have one you’d like to share, please add it via a comment!

The Pros And Cons Of Facebook’s Huge Revamp – Business Insider

If you didn’t catch the big announcement live and need a good quick guided tour of how the Facebook changes will dramatically affect the user experience, this is it. Ellis Hamburger of Business Insider gives you the pros and cons and lots of good visuals.

What Facebook Changes Mean for Marketers – Mashable

“Marketers, who have been told for years that they’re actually publishers now, will have to put that into practice. Facebook is a channel, albeit a collaborative one, that needs to be programmed.”

Facebook Social Commerce Primer – Clickz

“The next-generation social shopping experiences will get more personal allowing consumers to share more. Consumers will be able to share their shopping thoughts through a wide array of shopping verbs, such as share, like, own, heart, bought, want, wish, and sold, the list of shopping verbs is really endless.