In the luxury world, customer service and attention to top customers is known for going above and beyond. Before the birth of ecommerce, sales associates at high end retailers devoted time and energy into forming meaningful relationships with valuable customers to retain their business. Knowing a customer’s size, style, likes, dislikes, and serving them with the types of product mixes relevant to him or her was what made those individuals come back time and again. For decades luxury retailers referred to this as clienteling and today this is being redefined in luxury as “omnichannel clienteling.”  

So how can all marketers start aiming at this luxury-inspired goal? The Single Customer View (SCV) should be on the minds of every marketer when it comes to delivering these flawless customer experiences that were once only reserved for luxury brands, at scale. But with all the buzz about SCVs, there still seems to be considerable market confusion about what it actually is. For us at Marigold Engage by Sailthru, the SCV is a data-based representation of the approach to relationships that the Mom and Pop shops of the world created, and that the most revered (and revenue generating) luxury brands scaled and perfected.

A brand that is adopting this practice of omnichannel clienteling extremely well is  Alex and Ani, one of the fastest growing brick-and-click jewelry companies. To build their single customer view, Alex and Ani tapped Sailthru’s ability to natively collect first party data from all online channels and implemented our robust set of APIs (REST and Purchase API) that allowed the retailer to pump in purchase data from their brick and mortar locations. The data that is collected is associated to a single core identifier so that each individual customer has a profile that contains data from email, mobile (including device level), onsite and social channels along with in-store purchase data. For Alex and Ani, we’re essentially serving as a highly flexible, robust CRM; but what makes the relationship Alex and Ani has with Marigold Engage by Sailthru much more valuable than traditional CRM is their ability to slice and dice the data, automate actions based on that data and perform long-term longitudinal analysis with that data all within the Sailthru platform.

By actioning on the SCV with automated, personalized communications using Marigold Engage by Sailthru, Alex and Ani is able to easily navigate the needs of today’s omnichannel consumer. The data housed within Marigold Engage by Sailthru powering their marketing communications has allowed Alex and Ani deliver product recommendations and content that are wholly personalized to each individual customer, and also deliver an amazing customer experience beyond the store. Their luxury-approach to success has been monumental…and their revenue growth is proof of it.

Retail brands would be foolish to overlook Alex and Ani’s approach of using every channel within their arsenal to engage with their customers throughout their journey, from email to onsite, from social to in-store, and beyond. We encourage you to answer this question, how much would your annual revenue grow if you took the same approach and thought like a luxury brand?