I speak with a lot of fellow entrepreneurs that are preparing to launch, are in beta, or just general startup mode, and much of the time they have no end-user engagement plan. Here’s an example: you have a holding page for your new exciting travel site, and you are out there talking to everyone about your impending launch. After people meet you they go to check out your exciting new website, but all they get is a simple holding page with no sign up. Four weeks later they hear from a friend about xyz.com. Do they remember that’s your site? Possibly. But then, can you remember what you ate for breakfast four days ago?

Here’s another example: this time there is a sign up box on the holding page, but no subsequent welcome email is sent. Four weeks later when you launch and send a mass email out to everyone, how many remember you? The importance of the welcome message can’t be overstated. (For more on this read here.)

So I’m rambling a bit, but this ties into Customer Lifetime Value, a key metric online properties do not focus on enough. Continuous, thoughtful engagement with your end-users can create an incredibly loyal and interactive user base. Consider how thoughtfully the Guccis and the Louis Vuittons of the world manage their brands, and be as dilligent with your own.  If you create relevant content for your user base you’ll create a loyal following, and user’s will do your selling for you out of devotion for your brand.

When someone signs up, send them a welcome email. And perhaps send them a follow up a week later if they haven’t interacted with you. But always keep relevancy key; there’s no point in flooding the inbox merely for the sake of continuous content. We’re all end users and all wish for the most beneficial relationship with our chosen brands.  The ultimate test is for each of us to ask, “How would I like to be treated?” and to treat others accordingly.