Think marketers are full of crap? Well, the best mobile marketers are definitively full of ????. And they are reaping the rewards because push notifications with emojis get an average of 25% more direct tap throughs than mobile messages without a thumbs up, high five, dollar sign, or any other emoji you can think of.

With nearly 70% of consumers getting news on mobile devices, every app engagement matters. So how can you maximize your emoji strategy? Here are four easy tips for an A1 emoji game.

Stay Relevant

Use emojis that work within the context of your message. During the holidays, Birchbox and Boxed knew it was ❄️  outside, Target and Staples let you know how much ???? you can save, and Jet just wanted you to ???? and maybe ????.


Drive Urgency

Conveying time-sensitive information? Make sure to let people know that ⏰⏳is running out and that they have to act now. In a recent study across more than 100 million push notifications, Marigold Engage by Sailthru found that emojis featuring timers perform double digit percentage points higher than other emojis. Staples, Target, Best Buy and other top retailers are getting this right.


Encourage Repeat Behavior

Associate specific emojis with specific types of messages to create instant recognition with your audience. Consider that the average person’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. As a result, CBS and CNN use specific emojis for specific message categories.


CBS-Sports-Baseball Moneystream-Bell

Have Fun

Be creative and don’t be afraid to get a little weird — like using five emojis in a row like Urban Outfitters. The ????️ is not yet written on how to emojify your push notification strategy; test and try new messages. Don’t leave direct opens on the table!

For a crash course on mobile messaging beyond push notifications, check out our Mobile Messaging 101 tutorial. Once you’ve mastered those tactics, move onto our guide to more advanced strategies.