Our Email of the Month blog series is back with a Mejuri email we couldn’t keep to ourselves!

History says fine jewelry is reserved for special occasions. But we’re living in a time of unprecedented change. Which is why Mejuri is working to make luxury an everyday experience one interaction at a time.

And if the email featured below is any indication of what’s to come, buckle up. Because the future of personalization is going to be an exciting ride.







Today, almost two-thirds of retail consumers are shifting their routine behaviors as a result of the pandemic. Meaning new fulfillment models like Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) are being used by millions of shoppers all over the world. That said, these omnichannel experiences tend to lack the level of personal engagement that in-store interactions create.

Which is why we love Mejuri’s email attempt to bridge this gap so much!

Golden advice for your new Large Hoops

In the past, email marketers have relied on the RFM model to segment customers by the recency, frequency, and/or monetary value of their purchases. Then personalization entered the picture and made it possible to bucket buyers by the products they’re most likely to purchase. But now, we’re entering a new age where brands can segment lists by how a customer shops.

And thanks to personalized purchase experiences like BOPIS, brands are gaining insight into their customers and learning new ways to make email an even more effective channel. That way, every recipient receives the perfect message at the time they’re most likely to convert.

In the case of this month’s Mejuri email marketing strategy for jewelry, the organization’s ‘Golden Advice’ couldn’t arrive at a better time. After ordering a new pair of large gold hoops online and picking them up in-store, buyers receive this one-stop, go-to resource for everything they need to maintain their luxury earrings long-term.

And with language like “your new favorite piece” showcased underneath the product-focused header image, Mejuri perfectly captures the love and excitement that comes with putting on a new piece of jewelry in just a few words.


But our favorite part of this email was Mejuri’s FAQ-fueled approach because it gives buyers value beyond the product itself. Whether you’re a first-time customer or your jewelry box is full, these personalized interactions share helpful tips and answers to former shoppers’ most frequently asked questions.

Step-by-step instructions to care for 14K gold, suggestions for pairing gold hoops with everyday outfits, and even things as simple as how to open and close the earrings are all just a click, animated GIF, or how-to video away. Giving customers everything they need to improve their look in one email.