We all have our favorite games from our childhood. Being a twin, I enjoyed hide-and-seek because of the potential for mayhem it offered a set of identicals. While having fun, those games taught us many simple rules about interacting and working with others. I think even as adults, there is still some email marketing wisdom to be found in those childhood pastimes.

I know I’ve left out some classic games! There are so many we could use to illustrate email marketing tips. I could and just might post more of these.

What examples would you add?

Follow the Leader

While you should definitely be observing what others are doing with email marketing, just don’t follow along blindly mimicking. Try something different, be original and trust your gut along with your metrics.

Mother May I?

If mother didn’t opt-in to your email marketing list, than you don’t have permission to send her email…game over.


Don’t hide calls-to-action by sending people to generic pages from your newsletter! Integrate each email marketing campaign with optimized landing pages. Make it clear what you want people to do and easy for them to find what they want.

Keep Away

Every email, every tweet, every posting on LinkedIn or Facebook, is an invitation to interact. Today it’s no longer about pushing information out. It’s about initiating interactions with consumers on whatever channel they may choose at any time.


You know how badly mangled any message passed along in this game becomes. You should have a solid eCRM solution so that all interactions across all channels feed such things as leads, feedback and other important customer and prospect information to the right people.