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How Email Marketers Can Achieve Inbox Wins in 2020

The year is almost over and we’re feeling reflective. What were the winning strategies for email marketers in 2019? And which strategies will shape the year to come?

“Personalization” is how Sailthru’s VP of Marketing Jason Grunberg would answer both of those questions. Compared with other channels, personalization is prevalent in email, even if it’s not always used to its full potential. When Sailthru analyzed 250 retailers this summer for our third annual Retail Personalization Index, we found that 86% send welcome emails to new subscribers. However, just 36% include personalized recommendations in those messages.

On Tuesday, December 17, Jason will share his thoughts on how email marketers can win with personalization on a webinar panel alongside marketers from digital agency Tinuiti, customer data platform Heap and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Dynamic personalization is one thing that sets The Vitamin Shoppe apart. Earning the Index’s second-highest email score, The Vitamin Shoppe’s messages feature loyalty rewards banners, which update dynamically to ensure the customer sees his or her most up-to-date points balance at the time the email is opened. That’s a small but important detail; these loyalty banners ultimately drive 8.5% of The Vitamin Shoppe’s email clicks. Similarly, the nutritional supplement retailer brings dynamic personalization to customers’ online shopping carts, including whether that order qualifies for free shipping or includes items under a low inventory threshold.

What can email marketers learn from The Vitamin Shoppe and other brands excelling at email personalization?  Register for Tinuiti’s webinar here to learn more about:

  • How the savviest retailers connect their email personalization to other channels
  • Using customer data efficiently, compliantly and in real time
  • The importance of triggered messages as email marketers look toward the entire customer lifecycle
  • Audience segmentation and what that means for personalization
  • Tracking success as artificial intelligence reshapes testing and reporting

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