Over the last few years email has been going through an evolution, but change to the basic fundamentals of email marketing has only made the channel even more profitable. According to a recent Email Expert study, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25. For most marketers, these kind of numbers make it one of–if not THE most–profitable channels for their brand. The key shift behind this incredible ROI statistic is the way email drives experiences across all channels now. Email marketing fuels web, social, mobile and, for brick-and-click retailers, instore experiences.

With this evolution of email, however, comes a significant learning curve for marketers. You can’t adopt a leading omnichnannel email strategy overnight. But there are more tools readily available out there and growing industry adoption that has made it more possible than ever for marketers to become omnichannel email experts.

It’s why we are thrilled to have our in-house expert Marielle Hanke (Sr. Manager of Optimization & Analytics, and long-time email veteran) as well as the brilliant minds behind our client Alex and Ani’s email program, Lauren Frankel and Emily Mckenna at the 2015 MarketingSherpa Email Summit.

Both Marielle and the Alex and Ani team will be hosting roundtable sessions – not once, but twice – on how you can and should be innovating your email programs beyond the status quo. Below are the details, make sure to stop by and soak up the insights!

Roundtable Details

1. The Evolution of Personalization in [Email] Marketing with Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s Marielle Hanke.

• Key topics: evolving from “batch and blast” emails to a “segment of one” mentality; recognizing areas of opportunity for personalization; using the BUS model–Behavioral Usage Situational–of personalization to drive lifetime value

• Times: Tuesday, 2/24 2:30pm and Wednesday 2/25 @ 11:00 AM PST

• Where: Table #6

2. How To Drive Traffic From an Email to a Landing Page with Alex and Ani’s Lauren Frankel and Emily McKenna

• Key topics: way to engage and retain customers in the inbox; best practices for email copy and creative that converts; leveraging click, browsing and purchase behavior via Sailthru to drive their email ROI.

• Times: Tuesday, 2/24 2:35p.m. and Wednesday 2/25 @ 11:10 AM PST

• Where: Table #52