“Profits are like oxygen. You need it to survive, but ultimately what matters is passion, growth, and a higher purpose.” –Tony Hsieh, Zappos.

We couldn’t agree more; how you use what your revenue is telling you about your users is almost as important as generating the revenue itself. One feature that is commonly overlooked when implementing with Marigold Engage by Sailthru, integrating our purchase API to gather purchasing data from both your email on onsite shopping interactions. Leveraging when a user has made a purchase or has added items to their shopping cart can not only make your email campaigns smarter, but also allows to personalize the overall shopping experience for your user.

Some helpful features you can utilize once the purchase API is integrated:

  • Campaign Reports: Gather insights on the revenue that was generated from each campaign that was sent.
  • Query Builder: Use the purchase criteria to create and segment new user lists on the total purchase value, item price, and amount purchased.
  • Triggers: Send abandoned shopping cart emails when a user has an incomplete purchase in their cart.

With the increasing amount of Daily Deal and eCommerce websites popping up all over the web, it’s more important than ever to serve up relevant products that your users are actually interested in buying, rather than browsing. Implementing our purchase API with other Sailthru tools will aid your efforts in generating more revenue from your email campaigns and generate higher ROI on your marketing budget.