While things may be bustling in the North Pole this time of year, the Sailthru elves have been busy cooking up some new features to add to your holiday stocking. And, since you’ve been good all year, we’ll let you unwrap them a little early:

1. We are excited to introduce the ability to edit a paused campaign in real time. If you find that the email you are currently sending contains a tpyo (gasp!) or needs additional information, you can now pause and edit your campaign on the spot. Simply bring up the campaign editor by clicking the name of the paused campaign to make your changes. Once finished with your edits, contact our support team to resume sending the campaign to the remainder of the list with your new changes. Simple as (eating) pie!

2. As you know, we’re all about personalization at Sailthru. By introducing our new extension on subject line reporting, you’re about to get up close and personal with your dynamic subject lines. Believe it or not, you can now view campaign metrics of up to 200 individual subject lines from one campaign! Have fun with it and gain insight on what subject lines perform better than others, then use those metrics to your advantage when creating future campaigns. Go on, take it for a spin!

With that, it’s time to head back to the Sailthru Shop. We’re working year-round to fulfill your wish lists, so keep the requests comin’ and stay tuned for more Sailthru goodness. Happy holidays!