3 Ways You Can Create Repeat Customers During the Holiday Season

Here’s the good news: During the holidays, you’re going to see a lot of new customers. One Sailthru study found that these people account for nearly one-third of retailers’ holiday website traffic. Which brings us to the better news: The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to create repeat customers.

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business, responsible for the bulk of any brand’s revenue. If you play your cards right, your holiday shoppers will be fans by February. Here are three tips on how to make it happen:

Create Repeat Customers with Your Loyalty Program

If repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business, loyalty programs may be the heart. Loyalty members drive far more revenue than regular customers, which means introducing the program to new customers is a must.

To start, make it an integral part of your welcome and post-purchase series. Product recommendations should also center on purchases that will push these customers to the next tier.

Woo Today’s Customer with Tomorrow’s Discount

Giving customers an immediate discount can be a great tool for closing the sale, especially during the holidays, when everyone is looking for a deal. To create repeat customers, try incentivizing the next purchase.

Home Depot nails this tactic in this post-purchase email. The brand acknowledges the customer has purchased before with a thank you. Home Depot then takes it a step further with a small discount to encourage the next sale. We love that there’s a call-to-action to download the app for good measure, too.

Rescue Last Year’s One-and-Dones

During the holidays, customers may shop categories that only interest them once a year. A woman who is generally only interested in expensive dresses may suddenly buy kids’ toys over the holidays. Maybe she doesn’t have young children, but buys for younger relatives at the end of the year.

Even though she only buys toys once a year, you want her to buy from you! So take a look at last year’s one-and-done shoppers and see if you can offer a special incentive to create repeat customers. This shopper isn’t constantly browsing your competitors, so it may not take much to convert her — a simple reminder may be enough.

For more ways to creating repeat customers, as well as tips for recalibrating your recommendations strategy, diversifying your discount, using digital devices to drive store traffic and more, download Sailthru’s 2019 Holiday Marketing Playbook here!

Sailthru's 2019 Holiday Marketing Playbook

There’s plenty of time before “the holidays,” right? Not exactly. Holiday sales are perpetually on the rise, while consumers are starting their shopping earlier and earlier. This means retailers must get a head start before the holidays, especially since the most wonderful time of the year is also the most lucrative.

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