The QR (Quick Response) code was initially developed for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. QR codes can accommodate a much higher density of data than the standard UPC bar codes and thus, more potential functionality and flexibility.  With the right software, a smartphone can use it’s camera to read these codes and initiate an action. It’s not hard to get carried away and overuse or even abuse QR codes — don’t just use them to be hip. Use QR codes to provide your customers with more value. That value can range from discounts to relevant information about your company or a link to a special promotional landing page. Use QR codes:

  • On your business cards to store contact information directly to a customers smartphone
  • On any promotional material and even staff shirts for events or conferences (store business card info or send someone to your website)
  • In print to integrate your online and offline marketing

  Basic rules to remember:

  • Have a clear goal/destination to send the user to
  • Give people something they can use now
  • Make sure any pages you send people to are optimized for mobile
  • Clear instructions in your newsletter and blog on QR codes and include links to QR reader software
  • Never waste a customers time with QR fluff

  QR code generators: KAYWA Basic and easy to use. Zxing Easy to use with more abilities such as Geo location and WiFi Beqrious Allows you to easily create QR codes linking to some social media profiles and include graphics with the code.