If motorcycle retailer RevZilla’s Philadelphia showroom were anything like the Internet, there would be full shopping carts as far as the eye can see… and no people. Close to 75% of online shopping carts are abandoned so naturally, every retailer understands the importance of abandoned cart emails. But what about browse abandonment?

Similar in theory, browse abandonment messages focus on those items that never made it into the customer’s cart. Using Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer, which is designed with fully integrated artificial intelligence and automates individualized triggered messages, RevZilla created more than 22 browse abandonment messaging flows to retarget riders with products they’ve explicitly browsed in the past.

Lifecycle Optimizer taps into data-rich user profiles, created automatically on our platform. This enables retailers to send personalized triggered messaging based on both past and predicted future actions. RevZilla segments browse abandonment journeys in three different ways:

  • Product-based browse abandonment emails focus on those products that customers typically browse more frequently than they buy.
  • Gender-specific flows help RevZilla engage more female riders.
  • exact-match URL messaging, the team sends relevant and personalized follow-up messaging focusing on specific products.

Boosting Metrics with Browse Abandonment

Browse abandonment helped RevZilla achieve 50% higher average order value, 30% higher revenue per thousand emails (RPM) and a 71% lift in page views.

Prior to investing in Lifecycle Optimizer, RevZilla’s email marketing was centered on campaign sends. The team decided to switch it up when they discovered that behavior-based triggered messages only accounted for 20% of the motorcycle retailer’s email volume, but produced 84% more RPM.

Since moving beyond batch-and-blast, RevZilla’s RPM for triggered messages has grown seven times compared to campaigns. Learn more about some of the retailer’s other trigger triumphs here. Click here for a demo to see how we can help you achieve similar results.