As email marketers we try to optimize our campaigns to send at the time when people are most likely to open. But how can you target thousands of people at one send time? You can overcome this hurdle with Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s Horizon Send Time. With Horizon Send Time you are able to look at your subscriber’s previous open history and send to these subscribers over a designated amount of time. So for instance, you have subscribers that open at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm, if you select a Horizon send time of 6 hours, it will send your email to these subscribers at the time they are most likely to open; 9am,12pm, and 3pm. It does so by sending the email in buckets according to the time the subscribers are most likely to open and a horizon send time period of 6 hours.

To use Horizon Send Time, in our interface click the “Scheduled Send” tab in the campaign editor. Then simply select the amount of time, up to 24 hours, you want your emails to be sent in those buckets, (so in this instance 6 hours) and schedule your send. This will send to the users at the time they are most likely to read the email.

When to send is a question which constantly comes up from email marketers. Most ESPs will simply say, “it depends.” But on what? With Sailthru you know exactly when the best times are to send to your subscribers, based on when they actually open your email marketing newsletters!