The Email Marketing Testing Paradox

It fascinates me that in 2015 digital marketers still have to convince each other that real testing is important -- why is it that we still need to convince ourselves that decisions should be driven by data and metrics and not gut feeling?

3 Tips for Personalizing Content at Any Library Size

Marketers today know that personalization is increasingly important to running a successful business--but we know a challenge facing many marketers in adoption is the fear of not being able to provide the contiguous experience that users expect due to a lack of variety available. In this post, we’ll break down our tips for providing unique, personalized experiences for every visitor with virtually amount of content you’re able to generate,

Holiday Data Benchmarks That Matter: Revenue Per Thousand

During the holidays, RPM is an extremely powerful metric to pay attention to. Aside from how profitable your customers’ basket sizes are, RPM shows you how well your entire customer base is responding--and more importantly purchasing--from your email marketing efforts.
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