5 of the Most Important Online Trends for Marketing Managers Today

In an ever-changing digital landscape, success often comes down to what you are–and aren’t–doing online. What you do and don’t know about internet marketing can ultimately make or break your online business. The problem is… For so many marketing managers, having to keep up and differentiate between what’s “need-to-know” and what’s simply a temporary fad […]

Martech ROI: 3 Questions CMOs Need to Answer

In the past few years, companies have been spending billions of dollars bulking up their marketing technology stack. The American advisory firm IDC estimates that by 2018, spending on martech will reach $32.3 billion, reaching a compound annual growth rate of 12.4 percent. Between 2014 and 2018, CMOs will invest $130 billion on martech, according […]

Conversion Optimization: 4 Do’s For a Frictionless Checkout Process

Conversion optimization is the strategic system set to encourage a higher percentage of your site visitors to convert. Your site’s efforts should be reflected in a clean, focused checkout process. With an average cart abandonment rate for an e-commerce site at nearly 70%, it’s no secret that high abandonment rates result in your business losing […]

Blurred Lines: How Technology Can Give Customers an Unforgettable In-Store Experience

It’s hard to deny digital’s influence on the retail customer experience. According to Deloitte research, digital channels, apps, and tools influenced 64% of all in-store sales in 2015. That influence is expected to increase significantly over the next six years, driving the ongoing convergence between the e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar worlds. The breakdown between digital and […]

Reimagining Retail: 3 Ways Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Shop

Make no mistake about it—the technology around us is impacting every aspect of our waking lives. We’re living in a time which would make science fiction luminaries the likes of Philip K. Dick blush. With driverless cars on the horizon and drones at our doorstep (literally), our world is undergoing not merely a transformation, but […]

9 Proven Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

One of the best kept secrets of highly successful ecommerce businesses that grow from zero to thousands in a short period of time is their ability to retain customers. Boosting customer loyalty (getting a first time customer to become a returning customer) is the concept you need to leverage if you’re going to build a […]

3 Creative Referral Programs to Learn From

Just 39% of marketers use referral programs on a regular basis, however nearly 43% of the ones who do use referrals find over 35% of their new customers coming from these programs -- here are some brands going beyond the "Refer a friend and get X" model and seeing results.
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