Deep Dive Into the Retail Personalization Index Top 10: Adidas

In the first Retail Personalization Index, Adidas earned a passable but unimpressive score, thanks to a solid sneakerhead strategy and a rich fitness app with sleep tracking functionality and motivational content. Interestingly, those 49 points landed Adidas in tie with three other brands, including rival Under Armour. But while Under Armour stayed the same, Adidas’ score shot up, surpassing another big rival, Nike, on its way to the top 10.

We had a feeling Adidas’ score might skyrocket. Last year, the sportswear giant announced that it would stop advertising on television and instead, focus on targeting individual consumers.

So far, so good. The website is beautiful, but it’s just as much about function as it is fashion. Product recommendations are sophisticated, going beyond collaborative filtering and sharing complementary items to complete the look. At the same time, the website has a “coming soon” section that lets customers preview new products they’d love. And as time goes on and people engage more with the brand, recommendations become increasingly relevant.

Adidas - recommendations

Adidas’ Full Integration and Email Improvements

The brand’s digital properties are all integrated. For example, app users with items in their shopping carts receive reminders via push notifications. Those reminders also extend to email, the channel where Adidas has made the biggest strides over the previous year. The brand’s cart abandonment emails double as opportunities to upsell, with even more relevant recommendations. In addition, Adidas features onboarding messages that are personalized with sign-up data.

Nothing highlights Adidas’ email improvement like an April campaign. The retailer filmed 30,000 Boston Marathon runners and was able to keep track of them thanks to a RFID chip on each of their bibs. Within 24 hours, Adidas emailed a unique video clip to each one of them. Adidas also published those clips to its campaign website, driving 80,000 visitors because people loved to share personalized content (no matter how sweaty and rough they may look — it was also raining during the Boston Marathon).

Adidas ended 2017 with a 27% increase in growth and we’re excited to see their momentum. This summer, Adidas pledged to personalize every one of its platforms by 2020. Your move, Nike and Under Armour.

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