Marketers understand the value of A/B testing. We’ve spent our entire careers testing subject lines, messaging, design elements, calls-to-action and more in emails. Determining what resonates with your subscribers is a key element in not only the success of that specific campaign, but in the success of future campaigns. On top of that, testing never stops. We’re always iterating and looking to improve and analyze our efforts, especially as email marketing platforms keep improving their testing tools.

But what about testing messages outside of the inbox?

Introducing A/B Testing for Overlays, our new onsite message testing tool. Experiment and optimize the Overlay messages that display on your site, growing your customer base along the way.

Own the Experiment With A/B Testing for Overlays

With growing distrust in social platforms and how they manage customer data and privacy, declining ad revenue, and the prioritization of first-party data, companies are focused on owning their customer relationships. That all begins with a strong growth marketing strategy that expands your reach and increases your customer base. As the primary touchpoint consumers have with your brand, your website is the perfect place to boost customer acquisition.

Implementing onsite promo popups, banners, and lead generation forms are proven strategies. But how are you determining what messaging works best and for whom? Marketers don’t always have access to testing and experimentation platforms, which can be expensive and difficult to implement. What’s more, many testing tools require advanced coding expertise or additional developer resources.

A/B Testing for Overlays was built for marketers (not developers) right into the Sailthru platform. You can easily experiment and optimize Overlay messages, quickly validate and deploy effective messaging, and measure your lift in customer acquisitions. At Marigold Engage by Sailthru, we’re proud to deliver class-leading personalization tools that power trusted recommendations and predictions, helping drive customer loyalty and engagement. With A/B Testing for Overlays, more flexibility to grow your customer base is just a few clicks away.

Key Features

  • Create, launch, and optimize tests of onsite messages with Overlays builder. With no coding skills or developer resources required, you can validate and deploy effective messaging faster.
  • Test up to five variations simultaneously to find the right mix of copy and design that drives the most effective list growth.
  • Real-time analytics track and measure views, clicks and conversions — quickly! Measuring quickly enables you to report on and pivot your strategy at any time.
  • Sailthru Onsite subscription is required.

Getting Started With A/B Testing for Overlays

To get started, create a new Overlay. Once you’ve set up the design and targeting details, simply select “enable A/B test.” From there, you can variants and assign percentages to each, tweaking each test as you see fit. To learn more, click here for the documentation page.

Overlays and A/B Testing for Overlays require an Onsite subscription. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more. If you’re not a Sailthru customer and want to learn more, click here for a demo.

Want to see A/B Testing for Overlays in action? Click here to register for our webinar on Tuesday, September 15  at 3 p.m. EST to get a live look at all the new features.