We 100% agree with this piece from Business Insider, but would add that the shopping experience can always be improved. Consumers don’t shop online just because of convenience and choice, they shop online because more and more online retailers are personalizing the experience. It’s the conversation that should be happening for every retailer moving forward.

As e-commerce becomes more popular, many major American retailers are closing stores.

But there are many reasons that people will continue to shop in stores forever, writes Libra White at the blog Business 2 Community.

White shares a few reasons shopping in stores will never completely go away. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. People like to smell and feel the things they buy. Items like perfume and clothing are better experienced in stores, White writes.

2. Shopping is a social experience. Many people love to shop with friends and family and get feedback on items before purchasing them.

3. Instant gratification. Shipping can add more than a week to the time you’ll receive an item. Not to mention the chance you won’t be home when your package arrives and will have to wait even longer. Go to a store and you’ll receive your item immediately, White writes.

4. No disappointment. If you try on an item in stores and it doesn’t fit, you can simply discard it. Buying clothing online is more risky.

5. No added costs. Shipping costs can be expensive. Sometimes, it’s easier to simply go to the retailer and purchase an item.

Read the rest of White’s reasons here.

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