3 Steps to Maximizing the Potential of Your Email Marketing Program

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This post originally appeared on MarTech Advisor here

All marketers have seen the stat that $44 is the average expected return for every dollar invested in email marketing. But getting to 44 times more ROI — or even greater levels — is not as easy as pressing send. Today’s consumer is overwhelmed by email volume, and with email being a primary source of revenue, marketers cannot afford to let their email strategies stale.

Here’s the good news: modern email marketing tools make it possible for marketers to increase the power of their program without needing to add hours of work to their day or unnecessary new hires to the team. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, email marketers can scale tactical advancement to dramatically enhance results.

Investopedia and JustFab are two enterprise brands that marketers should be modeling after. Both teams are setting a new standard for email marketing through their use of personalization to engage with their individual audience members. Investopedia and JustFab have detailed roadmaps for the continued evolution of their email marketing and cross-channel campaign management programs, with strong internal alignment and market-leading technology partners enabling vision to become reality.

They were able to increase pageviews from email, double sessions from email, increase email conversion and decrease customer churn substantially. Following their respective success, here are three steps marketers can take to reinvigorate their email program to build better relationships with customers and stronger ROI.