Interactive digital experiences can help build brand loyalty while delivering key details about your customer’s interests and future purchase intent. 

The importance of data to strengthen customer retention and sales is well-known by most businesses. The more zero and first-party data you collect, the better your personalization campaigns. Better personalization leads to stronger engagement and higher ROI.

Acquisition and retention teams are increasingly relying on interactive content to collect zero- and first-party data, defined as personal, preference and intent data provided directly by the consumer. Experiences like polls, quizzes, and enter-to-win sweepstakes give shoppers a genuine reason to stay engaged with your content and yield vital psychographic information. A cruise line can ask travelers to rank their top three bucket list destinations to inform new routes and itineraries. A cosmetics brand can ask shoppers to vote for their favorite fall hues to produce on-trend holiday gift sets. 

3 Interactive Experiences We Love

Sailthru and our sister brand, Cheetah Digital by Marigold, design customized experiences that help fuel engagement and build brand equity. They tend to be most effective when used in the acquisition and engagement stages of the customer journey. We’ve selected three of our partners’ most successful interactive experiences and have included live links to demonstrate why the experience works so well.   

Experience #1: Men’s Wearhouse Style Quiz

Objective: Collect preference data and re-engage customers

  • Men’s Wearhouse created a quiz designed to convert one-time suit renters into re-engaged, active shoppers. Once a clothing rental is complete, the customer receives an email with a link to the Men’s Wearhouse Style Quiz, a 5-question survey about the shopper’s apparel choices, preferences, and shopping habits. Upon completion, each participant receives a list of recommendations along with prompts to visit the product’s webpage.
  • Men’s Wearhouse leverages the style quiz to re-engage a customer segment that saw themselves as one-time shoppers. Also designed as an always-on experience, The Style Quiz helps Men’s Wearhouse gather customers’ style preference data to auto-generate product suggestions that align with the quiz taker’s answers. The quiz even helps Mens Wearhouse determine the ideal email cadences by asking how often the customer does a wardrobe refresh. By asking simple questions about lifestyle and personal style preferences, Men’s Wearhouse makes shopping easier for a potential customer by delivering frictionless choices that can be purchased with the tap of a finger. 

Experience #2: Hallmark Channel’s The Way Home Family Tree

Objective: Build awareness and engagement for a new television series 

  • Launched in early 2023, The Way Home is a drama about the lives of three generations of the Landry family who embark on a time travel journey to find their way back to each other while learning lessons about their family’s past.
  • Crown Media, the parent company of the Hallmark Channel, wanted to create a promotional campaign that made it easy for new viewers to know more about the characters and their relationship to one another. Together with the Cheetah Digital creative services team, The Way Home family tree promotion was designed as an interactive hotspot campaign that has generated over nine thousand page views since its launch in early February.  

Experience #3: Tredz 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Objective: Increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and new acquisitions

  • Tredz, an online bicycle store, hosted a holiday-themed promotion to drive new sign-ups and collect data about their user’s cycling habits. Designed like an advent calendar, consumers were invited to sign up for the brand’s newsletter and visit the site daily for 12 consecutive days for a chance to win a prize or special offer.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas campaign was promoted across multiple channels with paid and organic social campaigns. The campaign exceeded their expectations with a 62% conversion rate, more than 16,000 engagements on the sign-up gateway page, and over 40,000 engagements on the promotion page.  

Getting Started

Sailthru has designed Experiences to be intuitive. No coding experience is necessary, and marketers can choose from a library of 85 templates that can be customized with a simple drag-and-drop editor.  

Once customers share their data, Marigold Grow populates in your customer user profiles. By combining the power of Sailthru’s personalization capabilities with enriched customer data, marketers can create more timely and relevant messages across email, SMS, mobile, and web. It’s personalization at scale. 

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