Email Marketing Tips That Bring Customers Back for More

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Email marketing tips for happier customers.

While email was erroneously declared dead just a few years back, the channel has remained stronger than ever for retailers. But there is one piece of that sentiment that still rings true: Consumers can be harder to reach due to short attention spans and steep competition in a growing digital marketplace. Targeted, relevant email marketing is an effective way for retailers to acquire, engage, and retain customers. With higher conversion rates and ROI than all other marketing channels for most brands, email is a powerful tool for communicating at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Read the email marketing tips and success story below to learn how to customize messages with personalization, automation, and prediction best practices.

1Personalize Experiences
2Automate Messages
3Predict Customer Actions
4Success with Betabrand


Tip #1: Personalize the customer experience

Successful businesses understand that customer experience is everything. Personalization allows email marketers to deliver a superior buying experience by treating customers as individuals. We’ve compiled a handy guide to help you personalize your email messages and motivate customers to buy more frequently.

• Make dynamic product recommendations relevant to the individual
• Optimize email send times to increase open rates
• Combine behavioral data and interest profiles for targeted email campaigns


Tip #2: Automate messages throughout the customer lifecycle.

Your relationship with customers changes over time. So your email messaging should adapt accordingly. Email marketing automation makes it easier to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Read our easy-to-follow guide to begin optimizing each stage of the customer journey and increase conversion rates with automation.

• Ideas for improving cart abandonment messaging
• Customer onboarding tactics for delivering more value
• Suggestions for upselling and cross-selling your products
• Techniques for reducing customer churn


Tip #3: Predict customer actions and probability of purchase

Marketing technology has gotten more sophisticated with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Your marketing team can go beyond simple product recommendations to make predictions about customer behavior. Predictive analytics takes data-driven email marketing to the next level by allowing you to anticipate what actions your customers are likely to take. Our research report will help you stay on top of the latest technology trends.

• Practical applications of AI for the retail industry
• Why leading marketers are investing more in email and mobile in 2017
• Strategic recommendations on where to start innovating to drive results


Success story: Betabrand

Learn how Betabrand, a retail company based in San Francisco, increased repeat purchase rates by 42 percent in ninety days by partnering with Sailthru. Some of the solutions we provided to achieve this and other positive results include:

• Data-driven customer retention strategies
• 1:1 personalized product recommendations
• Automated email messages at different stages of the buying cycle
• Predictive analytics to reduce customer churn

Read the full case study to see other solutions that boosted Betabrand’s email revenue.

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